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Biome Australia & Mental Health

Biome offers hope in the shadow of the pandemic

A strain-specific probiotic identified and commercialised by an early-stage Australian health company, Biome, is offering hope by helping to improve the mental wellbeing impact of the pandemic. 

With clinical studies confirming a link between the bacteria that live inside the human gut and a range of mental health conditions, as well as the positive effect of a strain-specific probiotic, Biome Lift Probiotic, on mental wellbeing, La Trobe University is now recruiting for a clinical trial to further investigate the effects of Biome Lift Probiotic on the gut-brain axis and the impact it can have on mental wellbeing. 

Biome Managing Director and Founder, Blair Norfolk said scientific research into the hidden functions of the gut-brain axis is vital to better understand and manage the symptoms and causes of some of the most prevalent and debilitating illnesses. 


There are early clinical studies that point to strain-specific probiotic use as a non-drug method of helping mental wellbeing, amongst other indications such as bone, respiratory and skin health, and IBS, Norfolk said. 


We’re very pleased La Trobe University will continue that research using specialised probiotics as a mental health management tool.


Norfolk said the mental health epidemic has undoubtedly been exacerbated by the pandemic. 


In Australia, demand for Medicare funded mental health services, as well as calls to organisations such as Beyond Blue and Lifeline have never been greater,” Norfolk said.  


Mental health specialists are describing the emergence of a devastating mental health crisis, the outcomes of which may be felt long after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. 


The seismic nature of the pandemic and its wide-reaching ramifications means there’s now a significantly greater need for mental health management tools and knowledge.


A 2019 randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial found that healthy volunteers experienced improvements in several measures of mental wellbeing, including sleep quality and low mood when taking Biome Lift Probiotic

La Trobe University’s 2021 study will further explore the link between the gut-brain axis and the role of specific probiotic strains in tackling subthreshold depression through a double-blind randomised placebo controlled clinical trial. 

Biome commercialised the strain-specific probiotic on the back of a published randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial, along with nine other strain-specific probiotics and complementary medicines with clinically proven health benefits. 

Founded in Australia in 2018, Biome is an unlisted public company. It develops, commercialises and markets innovative, evidence-based strain-specific probiotics and complementary medicines, each with clinically proven health benefits.

Norfolk founded Biome having been diagnosed with two incurable autoimmune diseases.


I was faced with the prospect of a lifetime of steroid treatments with limited benefit and various side effects. It was disheartening to say the least, but it drove me to find an alternative, Norfolk said. 


With a vision to prevent disease and improve quality of life, coupled with a lengthy R&D program and key strategic partnerships with world-leaders in gut microbiome and probiotics, I founded Biome.


The use of probiotics is a fast-growing category, but it’s strain-specific probiotics where we see the greatest potential, rather than generic probiotics.


The R&D has and will continue to help ensure successful commercialisation of Biome’s Activated Probiotics products. It also fuels our unique approach to educating and engaging with health professionals. 


Beyond research, development and clinical trials, we’ve also honed complementary medicine manufacturing techniques, improving both the stability and efficacy of our products. 


We very quickly blew apart the myth that probiotics must be refrigerated, and made use of new types of packaging and a patented micro-encapsulation technology in the manufacturing of our products. 


It has resulted in our microencapsulated products being five times more efficient in delivering live, viable probiotic bacteria to the large intestine, compared with traditional uncoated probiotic bacteria similar to competitors’ products.


Biome has doubled its revenue the last two financial years, generating $2.32m in sales in the 2021 financial year. 

With 1,500 community pharmacies and health practitioner distributors, it also recently established a strategic partnership with one of Australia’s largest national pharmacy banner groups further increasing the accessibility of their probiotics and complementary medicines.


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